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Michael c. bryan


My name is Michael C. Bryan.   I'm a success coach for Fortune 500 executives, thriving creatives in all fields and business owners who are having middle to major success. 

What is a success coach?  The title can sound cheesy, but my results are anything but.  I've worked with the President of NBC News, the CEO of Time Warner Global, the President of NYU and the heads of many movie and TV studios.  I've been the celebrity whisperer to singers, actors and musicians.  I've helped people figure out what they really want in life and it's not more cars and more money and more houses.  Sure, we're all worthy of those things, but what we really want is a feeling of peace and ease as well as all the material things.  We also want to know what we're doing matters. 

What I do is guide people so they can get what they want faster and have fun along the way.  It's possible to have fun and a wildly successful career. I'm proof.      

Too often we see life as a race.  A mad dash to the finish line where we croak and we're done.  Most of us know that kind is thinking is futile.  There is part of us that knows life is mean to be easier. And we're right, there is. 

We're human BEings first, no human doers.  Once we re-learn how to BE, then the doing comes naturally and effortlessly.  I know it sounds too easy, but why does getting we want have to be so hard?  It doesn't. The model of hustling and working hard and making things happen is exactly how we don't make things happen. 

 Writing this, I'm reminded of something George Lucas once said.  He suffered a devastating car crash at the age of 18.   He was a teenager, he wanted to be an engineer.  He had no interest in spiritual pursuits, but after nearly dying, he came to realize that  "there [is] a part of us that's connected to other humans, connected to other animals, connected to the universe.  I don't think we can understand it through any kind of verbal, written or intellectual means.  But I do believe that we all know this, and it's on a level beyond our normal conscious thoughts." 

That's the core of the work I do.  This 'something' we're all looking for lies within us and all we have to do is chronically focus so we can align with that inner voice, that 'gut' feeling, and then we don't have to come up with a spread sheet on what to do or a list of goals...we just know.  



Of course, we don't have to live like this. We can live like 90% of the people in business do. We can spend thousands on focus groups and endless off-sites seeking the advice of others until we're blue in the face.   How we live is our choice.  Always our choice.   But if the choice of working less, allowing more and being happier is how we get all we want, why not give such a way of living a shot?  Because for most of us, the other way simply isn't working.  It's only logical to try a new way that has always been the easiest way.    

I've spent many years working with the people who run Time Warner, NBCUniversal, Turner, TNT, Paramount Pictures and many more.  No matter how high someone is in their role, the challenges are the same: how to find a sense of purpose and meaning in work.  How to feel good doing the job they're doing.  How to find out what we're meant to do, and how to find the courage to do just that.  And most of all, not to listen to anyone who tells us otherwise.      

We all want the same thing: to feel free. To feel worthy of our success.  To feel as if anything is possible.  Which, of course, it is.  The work is learning how to feel that regardless of any condition in our lives. 

As playwright Ed Albee wrote, it's a delicate balance. 

The work I do is free of dogma, falseness and self-sanctimonious chatter.  While I know there are tremendous things to be had from organized religion, any religion that tells others that in order to achieve salvation that they must act in a certain way is a waste of time. 

My work is a mix of metaphysical science, cutting edge behaviorism and in-depth psychology as well as the most current, scientifically recognized spiritual practices available. While I don't believe in tough love, I do believe in chronic focus.   Focus, clarity and intention on a very consistent basis is what we all need to get what we want in the fastest way possible.  

 Life is a mystery, but happiness isn't some elusive idea.  It's something we can have access to right now.  The greatest thinkers and artists and innovators of our times knew this.  Time for you to experience more of it yourself.  Click here for a complimentary 30-minute consultation with me via phone or Skype.

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