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MCBHappier is the website of success coach and inspirational speaker, Michael C. Bryan. Visitors can learn more about his work as a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, and learn about his Individual Coaching Services, Group Coaching Services, Public Inspirational Events, and more!

Private Life Coaching Services

Individual coaching

Individual coaching sessions are one-on-one talks via a very private phone call, Skype or in-person. They're held at the convenience of your office in New York City & Los Angeles, or at your home. An audio and/or video file of each call is included.  I'm based out of New York City and happy to accommodate for European and West Coast clients.

Most programs typically include sessions held once per week for 50 minutes. I suggest working together for a very focused 30-days then assessing how you feel after that.  I'm not a fan of long-term contracts as I feel they only support the idea you don't know the answers about what you need to do.  My work is to guide you towards you our internal guidance system and to become fully self-reliant.  Click below to contact me for further information.



"Michael understands people. What motivates them, what drives them, how to help them be the best they can be.  How to be happier. He sees in 3 dimensions - mind, body and soul. His special skill is to consider the complete person as he works with you to hone your message, define your mission, discover your personal brand. He is an exceptional professional with a great gift. I will always consider myself incredibly fortunate to have worked with him, and would recommend him to anyone seeking to drive success from the inside." - Deborah Turness, President, NBCUniversal


Group Life Coaching Services

group coaching

Group Coaching is an absolute blast.  The energy in the room is kinetic.  There is something about a group of people coming together and feeding off of each other that sparks the most daring and thrilling discussions and insights imaginable.  Groups of up to 10 are great.  Anymore and the focus on specific points can be too diffused. Unlike Individual Coaching, these sessions include collaborative support from prospective peers, which provides a broader community perspective.

Group Coaching sessions are held as an intensive series of 2-5 hour programs. Locations vary but typically reside within New York City and Los Angeles. Click below to contact me for upcoming Group Coaching sessions.



"Michael was my business coach who immediately implemented some outstanding daily actions such as starting me on an extremely focused and impactful meditative practice that made a huge difference, along with setting and meeting realistic goals which immediately increased my revenue stream.  His work helped immensely to improve communication with my staff by creating a very happy and productive office environment.  You'll immediately notice the prosperity after working with Michael.  You won't meet anyone as uplifting and inspiring to get you to the next level." - M. Joseph, CEO, Creative Alliance Group NYC


Public Events Motivational Speaking


One of my specialties is public speaking and live events.  In live events the energy and the feeling of uplift is palpable.  As Anais Nin once said, "The secret of a full life is to live and relate to others as if they might not be there tomorrow, as if you might not be there tomorrow."  In a public event the walls we so carefully construct to hide and protect ourselves are slowly removed and we celebrate our true selves in a way we often cannot (at first) do alone.    Click here for upcoming events and to purchase tickets.




"Michael knows the keys on how to help people take action and achieve the results they want in their business and personal life. Michael's experience can help anyone achieve bigger and better in surprising and insightful ways." - Darren Campo, SVP, Program Strategy, Food Network & Cooking Channel



"Michael C. Bryan has an uncanny ability to know what it is people need to hear and do in order to realize their goals.  He's pragmatic, aware and extremely inspiring, and also wonderfully practical.  He also has a tremendous sense of humor.  I can't recommend him more highly." - Vicky Kahn, VP Corporate Communications, Talent Relations and Strategies, A+E Networks



"Michael has remarkable energy and insights about people.  He is truly gifted." - W. Allen - CEO, Fortune 500 Media Company, NYC



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