How To Find Your Calling (Free Candy Inside)

As you can see I’m filled with joy telling you all about how to find your calling in life.    Or I’m high on caffeine. You decide.

As you can see I’m filled with joy telling you all about how to find your calling in life.

Or I’m high on caffeine. You decide.

Welcome to the blog post about how to find your calling.

The point (hopefully) of the newsletter was to make it clear our addiction to the outer is never the answer, and that’s it’s all about the inward focus which will be super annoying to some of us since society is set up for you to learn how to make money, be in love and change your reality to make you happy which is the creation of our downfall.

There is everything right with making money.

There is everything right with being a superstar.

There is everything right with external success.

As long as it aligns with the parallel track of knowing what the hell I mean by experiencing the state of being.

The state of being is the limitless state. As Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj once said (say that name 5 times fast), “Freedom to do what one likes is really bondage, while being free to do what one must, what is right, is real freedom.”

So calling is knowing what one must do, what is right, and then doing it. The work then becomes how to access that, yes? And that is why knowing how to access this state of being is so vital. Without that experience of knowing we don’t know what to do, but do what we feel we must do for a number of ineffectual reasons that involve pleasing our ego, society and our mother.

Not a good idea.

So that’s why finding your calling is finding your inner state of being so you can have the money, love and fancy boat in Miami.

Why must this be the focus?

Why must we be serious, vigilant and devote our lives to this?


  1. People are (mostly) super unreliable

  2. Everything is unstable (meaning, the external world)

  3. Refer to number 1 and 2.

I’m saying don’t concern yourself with the external world, but do concern yourself with your experience of feeling your internal world and then the outer will take care of itself. It’s how happiness and career success is. In that order.

I did try for a number of years to be one of those coaches that helped you make money (there are lots of them) and crush it to have more money (there are lots of them) and how to find love (can’t spit without hitting them) but the truth of the matter is our great work is removing the resistance to connecting to the Source within is that will guide us to do all these things in very specific ways.

Here is how you do that.

First, you must meditate. Why? Because it is the route to stepping away from your addiction to your thoughts.

You’re addicted. You need rehab. This is your rehab. #welcome

We’re addicted to our thoughts. We snort them. Smoke them. Drink them and shoot them up. All of us.

To experience being we must have moments where the non-thought domination is the experience. Funny words, I know. This work gets trippy when you are in a state of Presence because words are stupid. They don’t work, but we need words to communicate so here we are.

The reason we want to meditate is because meditation takes our focus away from the thoughts and to the inner state of peace that is here, right now, and it’s awesome. Beyond awesome. Non-thought life is relief and the one thing we are all looking for is that sweet, sweet relief. Hey, that would be a good pop song.

When we touch down on the state of conjured relief, then we can write the right email, make the right call, ask the right person for money, give money to the right person, be in the right place at the right time and pursue the right work that is right for us and the world.

Why do we do this work? Why must this be the focus of our entire lives? Because until we fully accept our work is to know our own self is our best friend then we will forever fall in love, expect the other to be someone who will ‘save us’ (Cameron Crowe - you listening?) and then fall apart when they don’t because we expect love with another to be the answer (it isn’t) but love with ourselves is (always) and that is the key of all keys to all kingdoms. Damn, now I feel like I want to play a role playing video game. All this kingdom talk.

You can do guided meditations, you can do it staring at the wall and listening to your breath meditation, you can pet your cat meditation, stare at a candle, do it naked, clothed - doesn’t matter. Doing it with the serious intention of focusing inward is what matters.

A great new guy on the meditation circuit is Jonni Pollard. Oprah and Deepak always rock, Headspace has much love from many, Esther Hicks is the guru of the woo-hoo groupies - do whatever gets you to that place of ‘I can’t feel my fucking feet’ zone where the sweet relief comes and the ‘all’s right with the world, man’ feeling is dominant.

It is then - and only then - after you come out of 5 or 10 of 15 or 20 minutes of meditation that you write down on a nearby piece of paper (you remember what a paper and pen is, right?) - you write down what you truly, truly want to do with your life.

Are you a banker who wants to write?

Are you an athlete who wants to act?

Are you a coach who is also a writer and actor who wants to have his own TV show that will be compared as a mix of Ellen and Oprah with a dash of Elton John and Andy Cohen but with tons of heart and fun and gayness and diversity and all about finding out who we are and mental health?

Sorry. My bad. #allaboutme

Who you are is not what you do. Who are you is who you are, but what you do in life is what you must do, and if what you feel (not think, feel) you must do is something which is right and advances this world towards a state of being in some way then you’re on a right, good and bright as fuck path.

Singers bring joy to the world. So singing works.

Accountants help us feel safe and protected. So accounting works.

Being an executive at an oil company…being an executive at an oil company…let me see. I’ll figure that out later.

The point is you must choose a perspective that aligns with a state of being about what you want to do in your life and feel your way along to answer the question, Is this something I must do? and then Is this something that adds something back to this world?

Now the process to do that, to pursue that, well - this is the part where I say write to me and say you want to talk. I’d love to work with you to help you do that. The salesman style of that last part there bothers me in a way, but the counter to that is this: This is work I must do, this work is right, I am very serious about this work and this is not my ego, I swear, but you can ask anyone who has worked with me yes, sure, I may have pissed them off when they didn’t like how I made them love themselves and be accountable to loving themselves and face what they didn’t want to face, but we did, together, heal and come to a place of wholeness so yes yes yes we did, together, add something back to the world.

With the deaths of Robin Williams and Avicii and Kate Space and Anthony Bourdain and and and - we now know fame and money and success doesn’t make you happy. We get it. But as someone who knows Tony Robbins said to me he once said to them, it helps. It can buy happiness in the sense you can buy your mother a house. Pay off your dads debt. Go on a trip to Greece. That’s wonderful and that abundance is so glorious.

The key to that is doing all you can now, in this very moment, to find that sweet relief, that flowing ‘life is fucking grand as is and I know that thing I imagine is coming in some form and wow I know it, I know it, I know it’ and letting the expectation of that be IT. Knowing the anticipation of the answer is LIFE and that the answer is the period at the end of the sentence and not the sentence of your life is when you experience the truth that you’ve (we’ve) always been free.

When you have an account you can go online and look at anytime that has, oh, $250 million dollars in it and you laugh remembering when you knew that was going to be there is when you are set right with your life. Because that $250 million is grand, but it is a result of you knowing you were grand before you had all those Benjamins. Don’t believe me? Ask Robin and Anthony and Kate and and and…

Right life. Right action. Calling.

Tally ho, motherfuckers.

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