An Autumn to remember for the rest of your life...


I know I’m meant to write something a bit more on the nose about how this blog post piggybacks on the newsletter about how to design a spectacular September but I just can’t it’s exhausting keeping up with the SEO Police.

One thing I’ve learned embarking on this journey talking and helping people who are looking for emotional balance and a better life: authenticy wins every time. So while I am in the business of having a thriving business and while, of course, money does matter what matters to me more is that these words are emotionally sound and offer peace and ease and help to those suffering.

Because we are all suffering. It’s not needed to the degree with which we seem to want to perpetuate it. We can choose to step away from it.

In the newsletter I wrote about how we can do a simple process of writing a letter as if we are at the end of September thanking the Universe for all we’ve received by the end of the month. Now, the reason for the process is not so we can say “Look at what the Universe gave me” as it is to be clear on what we want and to work with the belief systems running rampant within us that disallows those things to come into our lives.

The action items we take to bring those things into our lives can only be taken if we can align with beliefs which emotionally propel them into action. We all know this. But while Socrates was right in that an unexamined life isn’t worth living, most of us don’t examine our lives until we’re at rock bottom. It’s as if all the years of philosophy and psychology and faces in the mud have taught us very little about getting ahead of the bend in the road.

I’ve made the mistake of putting on a blindfold when turning into the the bend. I don’t recommend it. I recommend tearing it off before you create roadkill and you will create roadkill. That’s what this blog post is about. How to get ahead of it and to design what you can design in life, and leave the rest behind.

There are a few things to keep in mind when writing out how you’d like to see September go. I’d thought I’d make you a handy dandy cheat sheet so you can see it all laid out before you’re pretty little eyes.

Don’t take score too fast. If you’re writing out now how you imagine you’ll feel when you get what you want by the end of the month, one of the biggest mistakes we make is taking score during the month. It slows it all down because we lose our focus. It’s so hard in life to believe what we want is coming. So much of the world is designed to make us practical and so many times we look to others for advice. Tune the world out, tune in. It’s the only thing that works.

Don’t discuss your plan with others. I write this because if you tell others about your master plan for having fun and manifesting in September they’ll normally knock it aside or make fun of it. This society (and world) is only interested in seeing and then believing. They find very little value in believing and then seeing. They feel it’s bullshit and not effective at all. It’s all about action first for this world.

If you say you’re doing this they’ll say “Do you have the money?” or “Do you have dates for this mysterious lover?” and if you say “Not yet, but they’re coming” they’ll make fun of you, mock you and normally it has everything to do with them picking up that you don’t truly trust this process. You’ll have enough doubt to battle as it is. Don’t add to it. Work on your own beliefs. Do it alone and do it by writing and meditation and focusing. If you do have a friend or two who you can talk about it with and who are very good at this work and will support you, super. But most people are not very good at focusing beyond a week at most. Mind your own business with this business.

Notice the mind; don’t listen to it. Your mind will have a heyday when it comes to this process. It will be the Greek Chorus of society where most need to see it to believe it. The mind will undermine you at all times, so you have to be extremely aware as to how often you are listening to it and how often you are taking your attention off of it. This will be the core of the work over the next 30 days. Being very, very clear about weather or not your attention is on the present moment, or on the thoughts about this process. It may be endless times a day you have to take your attention off of your mind but the more you do, the easier this will be.

Don’t discount the fun factor. This part was always the part that made no sense to me. How can choosing to feel better in my life result in my getting what I wanted? Remove all the law of attraction and physics shit if you want. Just think about it logically (which is what I did). If I am feeling better, and in a better emotional state, it makes SENSE I’d want to do the thing things I needed to do to create the month I want to create, right?

So if the idea of attracting things due to your feeling state feels way too abstract, then go logical and know that if what you do right now all day long is find as many enjoyable things as possible makes sense with how you’ll feel and the resulting actions, great. Do that.

Again, we are a world that holds very little value in believing than seeing, and we thrive on action with very little conjuring of emotion. That is the pressured world we live in. Accept it and then combine all in your way by being present then doing, feeling then doing, choosing what you focus on, and what actions which come from your intuition all day long.

Have a great September everyone!


Michael C. BryanComment