Meditate. Now. Please.


Ah, you clicked. And here you are. Well, I’m so friggin’ thrilled. I am. Because the fact you clicked and came here says you are interested in this extremely difficult work of meditating.

This is what you do:

Sit for 15 minutes.

Stop sitting.

Get up and go about your day.

I know.

SO hard.

Okay, a few more complicated things are involved but truly, it’s not much more than that. Before I get into some quick specifics, there is this one dude that is the man of men for stuff now. His name is Jonnie Pollard and he rocks and this is his site:

Look for 1 Giant Mind under the “Teacher Training” tab and you’re set. You can download the app to your phone and it’s free, free, free. We all like free because this work should be free to those interested. Money matters, but it shouldn’t stop anyone at the start.

His meditations are simple and the best I’ve done of late and I’ve done a lot lot lot. He’s Australian and easy on the ears and heart.

I love how he makes it about doing it where you can. I agree with that, and I’ll add this.

I tell everyone to try and meditate first thing upon waking (well, I need a gallon of coffee and there you go). Why? Because we are a society conditioned by our reactions to emails and jobs/no jobs and traffic/no traffic and money/no money, so if we find that sweet spot inside of us before the day gets going, we stand a much better chance of reaping the benefits of meditation.

I also suggest to people they don’t look at news or social media until after they mediate. We can get caught up in it and meditation keeps us out of that vacuum.

Meditation isn’t a quick fix. The benefits come with time. So if you are thinking two or three days and you’re golden then maybe you might want to keep up that weed habit. No, I’m joking. Please don’t keep it up. It’s murder on your lungs.

Jonnie is good about telling you what to do, and I’ll add this: don’t try.

Simply let yourself go with what happens.

The sole goal of meditation is to make you aware of how often in life you are listening to the thoughts in your head, versus being in the present moment. That’s the kicker for all of us. It’s a very simply process and it’s not easy. But it’s the only work you’ll ever need, and it’s a hell of a lot better than what we’re doing now which is causing all sorts of headaches for people.

When you are present all the great ideas come.

When you are present you are ruled by the fears your thoughts generate.

When you are present you look at what is in front of you, attend to what is in front of you so you can have the life you most desire.

When you are present you are nicer, kinder and don’t turn into an ogre and blame the world.

I hope you love it as much as I have learned to. I fought it for years because I didn’t know what it would bring me. I had to experience it, and that’s the main reason so many people don’t do it. They don’t allow it time to get it’s delicious hooks in them.

The hook is that the present moment is all we want to be okay with. Now. Right here. Right friggin’ now.

Even when we accept how the now may be the ‘worst of times’ does it indeed turn into the ‘best of times.''

That Dickens guy was onto something.


Michael C. BryanComment