How To Feel Free

The bottom line is we all want to feel free. We all want to feel so we can have and do as we wish. And while we'd all agree we are free, we don't FEEL free.  Our actions give us away.  We stay at jobs we don't like, we love to say we have to work 18-hour days 'because that's how you get ahead' and we buy into sayings we don't even think about such as 'money doesn't grown on trees' and 'no pain, no gain.'

That last one is my favorite.  Yes, pain is what causes us to define what we want, but we don't need the pain to have any gain.   Life isn't constructed like that unless we believe it is.

I've lost count of the number of people who have told me that the reason they can't do and be what they desire is because they can't afford to, or that they have obligations and they have responsibilities and they can't simply 'put their head in the sand.'

Now, okay - no one would take me seriously if I said that they need to put their head in the sand, but that is what I'm saying.  Put your head in the sand. Stop spending all your time focusing on what it is you have to get done and what (from your perspective) you're forced to 'deal' with and, most importantly, what the reality around you that you've created is showing you.  

It's as if we all refuse to believe the success and happiness we're looking for isn't so hard to come by, so we believe it is and we live in a society which supports that belief.  We live in conditions that make us doubt anyone who gets it easily and we feel angry and we push back on those people even as we admire them.

We say 'well, he's not normal' or 'they're just special' and it's true. They are.  Because they've somehow figured out how to stay focused on what it is they want and they rarely ever let that vision waver.

We are a society of very lazy thinkers.  We seem so resistant to relishing the power that comes from deciding what life we want and then creating it.  We think it's out of our control and we give it up to fate and chance.  We base our feeling of freedom on what has or has not yet shown up and lost sight of the vision and let ourselves thrive in the feeling state no matter what the conditions.

Now, I know I've got control issues and, life is a blending and art of balance but it's also not this game of chance.  We determine exactly the quality of our lives. We do. And the only reason we don't believe that is because our reality doesn't support that, a reality we created from saying life is not within our design and control. Why is this so confusing to all of us? 

We all know this, we like this idea - so why don't more of us live like this? Why are so passive in taking control of our lives?

Because we've lost sight of the emotion of freedom. We've not practiced the feeling of freedom enough to know we want it. It's like when we go on holiday and feel how free it feels to go where we want and have the time we want and then we come back and say 'time to deal with reality.'  It's a horrible way to live, and yet we all support it.  

It's not easy to be that lone person among many who says they are going to have the life they desire and to have that by aligning with the feeling of freedom JUST BECAUSE.  It's constantly amazed I have to sell people on this idea they are meant to be happy on their way to getting what they want but if they base their happiness on weather or not they've got what they desire they're fucked.  

I can be lonely going at times ONLY if we don't stay aware that the feeling of autonomy and self-reliance and self-love is the point of our existence.  Sure, we want to share our time with others but we are not here to be service to the world, we are here to be of service to ourselves and if you want a truth that really pisses people off, it's that one.  

There are a lot of fluff pieces in the world of genuine spirituality and they're all so damn dull. It's like the words are being regurgitated by someone who heard the truth but never felt it.  It's why positive sayings with no emotion do more harm than good.

We are here to constantly ask if we're living our lives purpose.  To get up and go to a job we're okay with and make money we like but not be inspired by is a waste of our time.

I once heard this from a great teacher, and it's what I tell everyone I work with.  It's both to inspire them and to warn them: Y

You will not have a happy ending if you don't have a happy journey.

Be careful.  


Michael C. BryanComment