Why You Should Spend Money on a Mastermind with MCBHappier (answer: it’s the opposite of mental masturbation)

I don’t need to tell you there aren’t any clear cut solutions in life. They don’t exist. Well, sure - eat your friggin’ vegetables. Don’t smoke cigarettes unless you wanna die before 70. Swear more (as numerous studies have said that makes us smarter). So fucking ‘A to that. 

So yes - there are some clear cut answers in life, but not for the big stuff. Never for the big stuff. That stuff…it’s elusive. As it’s meant to be. Deal.

It’s a curious time. We’re at a juncture in the self-help world where we’re working way too hard to become this ideal. We’re exhausted reaching for it and exhausted when we have it. It’s a problem. 

This slavery to goals (which is the goal of working with a coach) is disconnecting us from what a mastermind proves emotionally: we’re not alone. There’s strength in combined energy.  Yes, energy.  If my talk about energy turns you off then just think of it in terms of emotion. Energy is emotion and emotion conjured creates a certain energy. Does energy that feels good fix all our problems? No, of course not, but feeling like shit doesn’t work, so…

Stop being so fucking cynical. We all must stop already.

But see, my telling you this in a blog post won’t have an effect unless you FEEL it. That’s what the MCBHappier Mastermind does. It’s what I’m obsessed with. Getting you OUT of your reactive mind and into a thinking mind for an emotional reaction. It’s all about emotion. All this work is about emotion. 

There’s a new article in the New Yorker where a journalist tries to prove that we’re improving ourselves to death. Her cynicism is clear. She’s not going to trust the work, and her information about The Secret is so bad it’s funny (while also being marginally offensive), but good for her for disagreeing. Proves to me that I know what I’m talking about.

We spend billions to have people tell us that we’re not only limitless, but we’re at fault for not realizing our limitlessness.  Personally, I do feel we are limitless. I do. I feel that such an idea is truth, and yet most of us rarely (never) become limitless and that’s a good thing because this life doesn’t have an end point. Sure, we die but then we keep going after that. Sorry - was that too woo-hoo? 

So if that’s the truth - that we have limits, that the enough of now is enough, that we’re meant to have more but the needing of more is what’s holds us back - if that is the case, why the hell embark upon a mastermind with yours truly? 

What can I do that will help you to accept that only liking certain parts of your now helps you have more?

Because a lot of you aren’t ready to listen. In one ear and out the other. I’m not trying to sound like a dick writing that, but we’re a stubborn species and we’re so resistant to chilling out that we need the FORCE of a small, elite group to BREAK DOWN THE WALLS, BABY…and that’s what a true mastermind does. 

My mastermind will challenge you, lift you up, catapult you into the shit you’ve been trying to ignore your entire life so you can get to the dirty, filthy bottom of those dark places you refuse to explore. 

Let me tell you - until you explore those dark places with light and love (yes, I know - how airy-fairy - light and love but it’s fucking true) - until you do they will control you and you’ll say it’s just the ‘way it is’ and I don’t ‘have what it takes’ and ‘this shit doesn’t work’ and ‘why am I not Beyonce?’

The nasty secret in coaching is that your life isn’t about reaching these huge goals you have for yourself, and hustling harder and all that bullshit rhetoric. It’s about looking at what’s around you and choosing only those things then when you fucking look at them you feel, “Oh, man that’s awesome. That really is. I did that. Right on.” And then NOT TALKING ABOUT ALL THE STUFF THAT’S PISSING YOU OFF.

My mastermind helps you do that efficiently, lovingly and with zero bullshit . I’m allergic to duplicitousness. That shit don’t live in the house of MCB.

It’s true none of us can go it alone, and I don’t mean we can’t, I mean we truly, truly don’t want to. We don’t. And that’s an attestant to our strength, not our weakness and anyone who tells you otherwise is so exhausted from hustling harder they’re seeing double and hating their life. #nothankyou

The goal of a mastermind is to work with others to achieve goals (dubious word), yes yes yes, let’s all dry hump the world ‘goals’ -  AND it’s also to be able to work with a group of people day in and day out so you don’t feel alone and isolated when all of your emotional baggage comes up…which it will with me. 

That’s my gift. Going right into the sore spot. Fuck bandages. I’m all about the ointment. 

My past is heavy. I was tortured by my mother, abused for years, and spent way, way too long talking to numerous people to figure my shit out, and today, yeah man - I’m good. I am. Amazed, happy and very, very good. Time for you to feel the same way. And not take as long as it took me. 

A mastermind MCBHappier community isn’t mutual mental masturbation which seems, at least to me, the goal of most masterminds. My mastermind is a collective of people who live in ragged, real and wild celebration of our deficits and discusses how to use those deficits to inspire us to live a life that is satisfying and true.

There is gold in them thar dysfunctional hills. Big, heaping mounds of gold. Grab a pick ax and follow me, baby.

In the coming days ahead I’ll be posting more and more about the MCBHappier mastermind happening in March. I’ll tell you what we can, and cannot, promise you. I’ll be honest and raw and real and I’ll be soothing and pragmatic so you’ll be excited and finally CHILL into the truth life is a marathon, not as sprint. #sorry #notsorry

That last part doesn’t go well in self-improvement circles. We want the fast fix, the Super To Do List. We want the calendar and the biggest word of all: ‘accountability.’

We don’t need accountability. That’s what’s causing us all to suffer. It’s exhausting and we don’t need someone breathing down our necks telling us what to do. You don’t need me to do that. What you want is an outside perspective. A measured voice that is smart and confident and full of massive amounts of love that says, “Yeah, that thing that you keep doing that you don’t know you’re doing? The thing that’s making you unhappy? Fucking you up? I know you want to stop doing that. Let’s focus on how much you want to not do that anymore. Cool? Cool.” 

You can’t see it when you’re in it. I can. It’s what I do. It’s my gift.

Don’t believe me?  Good. Make up your own mind, er, your own mastermind. But trust me - this very tiny, elite mastermind group is powerful and fun and worth every penny. 

What have you got to gain? (Answer: um, like, your life.)

Michael C. BryanComment