Get Ready To LIVE Your WHY


Gene Kelly and I have the same birthday. August 23rd.

People who know Gene Kelly know the only thing he cared about was entertaining people and making them happy.

He was a likable guy who was always about bringing out the best in people. That was his thing.

And the man had amazing skills as a dancer, director, artists, humanitarian.

He was a true mensch. That was his ‘why’. To bring out the mensch in other people.

He didn’t live in the times we live in where we are now — a world where we talk about our purpose in life and the meaning of our lives with such clarity.

If he were physically alive today he’d marvel at how so many are focused on figuring out why we’re here, and to that I’d say it’s not why are we here but why are we here for other people.

That’s the key all of us are looking for. Until we can articulate our why, and how we use it in service of helping and elevating others, we never truly soar in life.

We can make the money, we can have the acclaim and we can be outwardly successful without being clear on our why, but inwardly we will feel a hollowness and longing that is never satiated.

It’s vital we all are clear on our why.

Here are a few things you can do to find that out.

Meditate. I’ve said this a million times and no one does it until their Doctor tells them to or they get to the point of such exhausting and inner pain they feel they must. Most people have to have numerous things go wrong in their lives before they meditate.

You do know what meditation is yes?

It’s sitting your ass on your couch for 15 minutes in the morning and focusing on the sound of a fan, the sound of your breath, the sound of your dog snoring. That’s it.

Now the pitfalls of meditations are many, but for now go to this link to listen a bit from the wonderful Dan Harris on what meditation really is:

The next thing you want to do to get clear on your why is to get out a pen and paper and write down the answer to this question:

What did I want to do when I was a kid, meaning, anytime before I got outta high school?

Write that down. I don’t care if you write firefighter or ballerina and you’re now 70 or President of the United States and you have 7 kids and a mortgage and live in Missoula, Montana — write it down.

The next thing you do is ask yourself “Why did I want to do this? What did it feel like back then?”

If you’ve done of a lot of drugs it can take a moment to find that past moment, but odds are there is ONE moment in your past that you have always been haunted by where you thought I WANT TO DO THIS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

That’s your why.

Mine was being in choir in 11th grade in a tiny town in Washington state and being backstage after we killed it on stage singing the song “Let The Sunshine In” and feeling so fucking good I was like I WANT TO DO THIS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

You are here to align with the gift — that early why today — and allow the Universe to show you how to realize that vision you got when you were younger.

These simple things - meditation to allow yourself to see the path that’s always been laid out for you and articulating, very clearly, WHAT you want to do and WHY you want to do it for the BENEFIT OF OTHERS — it’s the only recipe for happiness, joy, unfuckingreal adventure and purpose and money, money, money.

Time to get crackin’ beautiful people.

Michael C. BryanComment