Once, With FEELING

I was listening to Elton John’s Rocket Hour on iTunes and he played this amazing song by Elvis Presley. After it finished he said, “You know, back then they didn’t have the time to record over and over like we do now. The song is so good because really, all we want is real feelings.  You simply need to do it once, with feeling and stop trying so hard and thinking so much and you’re done.”


Leave it to the insatiable appetite of Elton John and the artistry of Elvis to remind all of us what we can do to have the life we want.

We have to feel.

And not overthink.

There. You’ve been given all the advice you need. That’ll be $700, please.

The only thing that any of us need to do is live a life in service of feeling the emotions we think we’ll feel when we get the record deal, when we’re a Broadway star, when we go public with our company, when we have the baby.

We all want these things because we’re sure when we get them we’ll feel the way we can’t feel unless those things materialize.

We’re addicted to needing it to believe it’s a real thing.


How do you think artists and businesspeople and the greatest creators of the world created something massive in the midst of moderate means?

Because they were under the influence…of their emotions.

We’re addicted to the getting, and the doing isn’t ever enough for us.

It’s like this (not that you don’t know this): we have to be chill with life as it is now, and we have to also be focused on moving ahead to what we want.

That’s the sweet spot of getting everything.

Now all of the stuff we have in there that causes us to clutter this up is why we go to therapy and why you work with people like me.

Until we are in that emotional place, then life is shit. It’s hard. We struggle. We don’t have fun, we’re getting through, we’re depressed, we smoke too much weed, we go out late at night or worse – we do everything right (meditate, exercise, eat right, drink in moderation, align with whatever we call our true self) and still feel fear, worry and trepidation.

It takes massive focus to not screw up our lives. We must be hell-bent on saying “Oh. Well. That over there is awesome. That’s working. I dig that. Okay, so let me focus on that and see how good I feel and – wow. Okay, that’s a good idea. Let me take action towards that thing I keep saying I want now that I’m inspired to do so.”

To do the deep emotional work many of us need to be free we must find our footing now, in the present. That’s key.

You want to get emotionally high and then watch how you can’t help but look at and do the things that will bring you relief.

It’s not complicated, this thing everyone loves to call manifesting.

Here is your step-by-step process:


·      Focus on what feels good. Do what feels good. That doesn’t mean you eat anything you want because you won’t feel good about eating four Big Macs. Don’t tell me you will because you won’t and you and I both know it.

·      Stop bitching about people or things you don’t like because (do I have to say it again?) it doesn’t feel good.

·      Chill with anything beyond very moderate drugs and alcohol.

·      Have fun.

·      Watch 5-year-olds. They’re your role models.

·      Make lists of things you love. This isn’t a silly process but a way of consciously harnessing the emotion you want to move towards the things you want.


We’re meant to enjoy life along the way to getting all we want.

BE now, feel good. That’s it.

And this from a guy who had clinical depression, anxiety, a mother with borderline personality disorder, and a grandmother with schizophrenia.

I know a thing or thousand about mental health and emotions.


Nobody else is making you feel anything. That’s you blaming them. This economy, this political climate and what anyone else is saying or doing has nothing to do with how you feel.

Research is proving meds are beneficial, but that most fail after a year and we need more and more. Meds are lovely bandages; they aren’t the elixir we’re all looking for. They aren’t the ultimate cure.

Now why you give other people your power, and don’t claim it for yourself is the question you want to ask.  If you don’t get an answer, then you’re living a meager life.

Tally ho.