It's not about effort; it's about inspiration

It's about joy. It's about feeling joy as you're working towards what you're doing.  It's about loving now as you're moving towards the money and the comfort and ease you think you're gonna get once you get there.  If you aren't enjoying the journey to this thing you think you need to be happy, then you're fucked. You are. Because while you may acquire wealth and material things and the comfort of having money, not only will you not be able to enjoy it while you have it, but you'll be miserable along the way.

If I could tell you how many years I tries so very, very hard to make certain career paths work you'd stare at me with your eyes wide open.  I did it all.  I tried so hard.  I live primarily in New York City and NY is a city based on hustle and hard work.  New Yorkers are very proud of how hard they work.  And it's killing them.  Literally. I used to work in a company in midtown Manhattan (I've worked for many over the years) and I saw people carted away to the hospital on gurney's and admitted to the ER because they refused to believe that the way to a happy and successful life isn't hard work but easing into the flow of what we allow to come. It's how it works.  It's how it always works.

I never believed this thinking.  I didn't see the rationale in feeling an emotion before taking an action.  But see, that's where we're all stuck.  If we felt the flow of the feeling of what we wanted in whatever we're doing, then what we want comes to us and the process of getting something done is rewarding not because we did it (which, yes, matters) but because the process getting there is fun.

Now, when I write 'success' - I don't call myself a success coach anymore.  Success is an elusive term.  Success, for me, doesn't mean you make a lot of money but that you're happy with how your life is going AND THEN you allow the money that is waiting for you to come into your experience.  That's how it works.  That's how a happy life is created. 

I've stopped trying to get certain people to see this, yet I know it's what we all want to believe.  We don't have one bit of fucking control about how the path is going to open up in front of us that will lead to our personal Oz, but we do have control over how we feel and when we feel as good as we can, we are then open to the signs and say, "There it is" and we then walk down that path and come home. We come home.

There is a process of dropping ego, but not like you think. It's dropping the OLD EGO and embracing the NEW EGO.  That's what it's about.  It's about seeing what you are meant to do, and being who you truly are and then walking straight into that future because that future is always being shown to you.  You are either willing to accept it or not.

Everything is about emotion.  Our entire lives and all we have is based upon how we feel.  Tap into that feeling state and do whatever you can to feel at ease, to feel at peace from non-effort and flow.  Because when you feel that and THEN take action?  No freight train on the planet can stop you.

Now go get 'em.