You've Already Won The Lottery

It's so funny how so many of try so hard to make it all come together.   We work hard to become this 'thing', when the truth of the human matter is we're already this thing we're trying to become.  

I tell this to all of the people I meet and talk with in this world of speaking and mentoring, and the first reaction I often get is this distrust of such a simple idea.  How can it be that simple?  Well, the question is, Why does it have to be that hard?

It doesn't but no one will hear that until they're ready to hear it.  I work a lot with people who work in offices and time and time again they blame others for their unhappiness and vocalize how annoyed they are with others and gossip and get into what's not working...they wouldn't act like if they knew, more often than not, that they've already won by being alive, they've gotten The Golden Ticket - they are this thing they're trying to become which is relaxed and happy and free regardless of anything that's happening in their lives.

Of course, if they were unconditionally happy they would find most of the stuff that comes into their life wouldn't piss them off (funny how that works).

The truth that we're the thing we're trying so hard to become is meant to soothe, not piss people off, but of course it pisses people off who are determined to be right in how they're being wronged.   Life isn't designed like that.  There is nothing ever wrong in our lives.  What we see as 'wrongs' are opportunities to feel our own sense of worth and magnificence regardless of what is happening around us.  It's only then that our reality changes to what we desire on a consistent basis. 

It's not always easy, feeling unconditionally happy most of the time (can't do it all of the time and that's the point) regardless of what's happening with our bodies or finances of relationships, but that's the real benefit of true spirituality and focused thought.  It's the key to genuine happiness. To allow the feeling that is always percolating within us to come to the surface and to swim in that feeling via focus and attention to those things and thoughts which bolster our feelings of happiness and well-being.  It's all within our control and it's all we are looking for in life.

It's like all the great thinkers and yogis and CEO's have said for years: it's about focus. Focus on what we want to focus on and blinders on everything that is of no use. It's being discriminating. It's focusing only on what we want and truly ignoring the rest.  

But what they don't say, and what needs to be repeated often, is we want to softly focus.   To ease into the allowance mode.  To surrender.

That word freaks out some people, and yet it inspires others.  To surrender is letting go.  It's not trying.  It's lowering our resistance and letting that amazing feeling percolate up and come to the surface. It's the most delicious feeling there is and one that, when allowed to come to the surface more often than not, makes for a truly extraordinary life.