The most common thing among the most famous and iconic people in any form of business is the people who KNEW what they wanted was coming.  They lived with an unrelenting focus on what they wanted.  Like a laser they focused on who they wanted to be and they harvested that feeling so it consumed them to such a degree it was all they felt and thought about 24/7.

It's why we always read that famous and successful people were "...incorrigible to be around because all they wanted wanted to be successful" before they struck their riches. They were incorrigible because they were willing to be surrounded by people who weren't as inspired as they were.  Even the most high-flying of us still choose people to be in our lives who aren't up to speed to our most realized selves.  I see it as a way to test our resolve and our ability to focus and be who really are.  Guessing that was the deal with Guy Ritchie and Madonna, but who really knows.  Perhaps their former housekeeper?  

The constant IS the constant and that's the proof that way all of us build our empires is 1) Master our thoughts which 2) Lead to how we feel which 3) Create all we want.

It's that simple. It really is.  But the thing is most of the people who want success don't focus enough and don't take control of their thoughts in a way to facilitate this process. 

It's an all-consuming process and if anyone finds that arduous than they don't want what they want bad enough.  One has to want it so bad that wanting is all they are.  If they do that, then all scientific research has proven that the law of physics will bring forth tangible evident in the form of people and events that will bring to fruition what they want.

So if we know that, what is it that stops us from taking steps into the unknown, a step that is absolutely required to enter the ring of massive success?  It takes a clear awareness of our fears and knowing our fears are the fuel we need to take the leap BUT...but, but, but if that is a conceptual and emotional understanding of how things work we will never, ever take the leap and that is why so very few do.

So how do we work with our fear to take the leaps necessary into arenas we are unsure of and, sometimes, have absolutely not experience in but know we are meant to work in?

It takes a very clear and fostered understanding that the universe, this colliding prysm of psychic energy swirling around us all of the time, is always going to support and foster and have our back when we make the leap.  

That's the thing that can't be taught, it must be felt.  And when it's felt, then there is no stopping us.  Which is why the three step process above is everything for everyone on the cusp of realizing their ambitions.  


There is much more in there that is the fine-tuning we all need.  Such as appreciating when shit when rains down because it makes us even more determined to focus and the very real truth that doing this work requires a very, very easy and gentle focus, and that such a gentle focus (and there is an irony in this) is where the power comes from.

It's why people who are successful often exude a feeling of not needing to prove anything to anyone because they know their own worth and value.  They need no one to confirm nor recognize who they are. They know.  And it's that knowing place one must live in on a consistent basis to feel the endless impulse to take the kinds of relentless actions that are needed to built empires.  

When we hear certain people are 'driven' what they mean is that that person has learned to tap into their true essence, what drives them and that is the feeling I keep harping on in this post.  

Feeling the knowing of our future selves is the key to becoming a master of our destines. Every other way of looking at this process is a very effective set-up for failure and that's a huge shame we see that as 'failure' because it isn't so much a failure as a chance to refocus and recalibrate and go at it again.  

Easing into this process on a consistent basis is all that is required.  Easing and living downstream and riding the natural, action-oriented momentum of such focus.

Again:  thinking thoughts that either cause us to deny or allow the feeling of knowing of the future we want, and that it's inevitable, and then trusting that physical evidence will appear to confirm our knowing.  

There is more in there - much more, of course - such as talk of our Inner Being and also how appreciation for all that's working is the fuel the Jaguars of our success that Einstein's research on vibrational reality is true and real and how it all works and that the details of how it all comes about is not our concern - but there is only so much time I'm willing to spend on this post because, well, I am inspired to do more today to continue to build my own empire and part of that is getting into my knowing state writing this post.

I hope this inspired you to believe your future is coming and then I hope those two feelings together ("hope" to "belief") created the buzz of knowing that all you want it's all coming. It all is. Up to you to live in that feeling every moment of every day.

Look forward to meeting you on this side.