Stop Saving The World

The goal?  To be HEALTHY SELFISH!

The goal?  To be HEALTHY SELFISH!

Recently I trademarked the phrase "Healthy Selfish".   It's a phrase that makes people laugh and then they look super guilty after.  They look guilty because it's what they want to do, but don't. 

We live in a culture which emphasizes the importance of being of service to everyone on the planet EXCEPT OURSELVES and it's making us sick. 

The only person we have to be of service to is ourselves. 

Sure, sure we can't not help others, but we've got this idea that we have to help others first without recognizing that we're doing that to help ourselves and that's a very tricky thing.  That's conditional living and that never brings anyone happiness.  It's the idea that we need a 'thing' to happen or be for our own state of wellness. 

I never, ever, ever happens like that. 

This post is a rally cry for all of us to stop trying to heal the world and focus on healing ourselves.  We didn't come into this life to take care of everyone. We came into this life to take care of ourselves, and when we do that, when we make that the number one priority then, and only then, can we be of any use to anyone.

So why do we all say we have to be of service to everyone? Why do we say that with a certain amount of pride? Why do we feel it's wrong to say the only reason we do anything at all is for our own selfish needs?

The word selfish has become synonymous with negativity and feverish control. Being truly healthy selfish is the key to ultimate freedom.  To the feeling of power and glory and everything that we want.  It's how we are meant to live. 

If we all dedicated 20% of our time to being more selfish we'd be so much happier we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves.  

So why is being Healthy Selfish the key. I mean, sure, it's a great idea but why?  What's it uncovering?

It's uncovering the truth, and that truth is we have the power to feel our worth anytime, in any situation, in any location. I'm talking the feeling of worth, the feeling of being who we truly are.  WORTH.  It's at the base of everything for everyone. 

There is nothing more powerful than when we come into alignment with who we truly are and who we truly are is powerful, knowing and a sense of relief because we KNOW everything is going to work out.   

When we refocus our attention on ourselves then we live in that emotional state of knowing. We get out of our heads and into our physical selves which is all that matters. It's what we all want and we all know it.

The only reason we want what we want is for how it'll make us feel.  And that feeling comes to use when we focus on harnessing and fostering that feeling as much as we possibly can.  And we can only do that if we are HEALTHY SELFISH.

How do we do that? How do we create this feeling?

We don't say or do anything to give others what they need to be happy. Sacrifice in anything is of no help to anyone. Ever. 

We focus our attention on only those things which cause a rise of well-being and happiness within us. 

We chill the fuck out when we don't do that, because we know we can only know what we want when we know what what we do want. So that means we fucking love problems.  Yes, we love problems.  The more we can appreciate problems, the more they go away.  Extremely annoying insight.

We don't give ourselves shit and we don't talk bad about ourselves.  Why? Because it FEELS BAD.  It's that simple.

The point of the work I do, what all the great thinkers understand/understood is that the only thing we have to go on is how we FEEL.  And when we can bring ourselves into alignment with our feeling of endless expansion and well-being then all we want comes.


Try it out. Feel amazing. See how brilliant your life WILL becomes.